About Xeront

Xeront Technology is established in 2017 as an RND company targeting to manufacture wired and wireless networking, IoT and cloud products. Xeront has a strong background and experience with its core team having more than 20 years of experience on Information & Communication Technologies and delivered 300+ turnkey, consultancy and development projects all around the world. The company is focusing on developing and manufacturing high-quality IoT devices and equipments for telecommunications industry.

Xeront Technology has two offices located in İstanbul/Turkey and Famagusta/North Cyprus and high available cloud datacenter infrastructures splitted up to different locations.

What We Do

Xeront Networking enables service providers, enterprises, governmental agencies, Internet service providers and end-users to build powerful cloud & communication devices, intelligently manage their network infrastructure through end-to-end network visibility, manageablity and cloud controlled.

Our Mission

We are adding smart and connected ideas into networks offers unique end-to-end coverage to manage any application, data load, or environment, no matter how inaccessible.
We connect people, places, and things to the opportunities created by the Internet of Things.
The industry is evolving very fast and so are we.
With Xeront Networking, everything is reachable and connected.